NWBT – Rescuing Owls and Owl Rehabilitation

Welcome to the NWBT and our Owls

The NWBT is based at Bodafon Farm Park in stunning Llandudno, North Wales. The charity has a number of sanctuary owls on display for the public to meet.
The NWBT rescues injured birds of prey. the goal is rehabilitation of the owls we rescue.

NWBT provides education talks to schools and clubs with our owls. The NWBT supports projects worldwide, to save endangered owls and their habitats.

The owl rescue service provided by the NWBT is available 365 days of the year. After rehabilitation these injured owls are returned to the wild to continue their lives as nature intended.

Two Fabulous Birds

Iolo Williams Patron of NWBT (Powys 2012)

Iolo Williams Patron of the NWBT at Powys 2012Hi I’m Iolo Williams and I have been a Patron of the NWBT for over a decade now. The NWBT undertakes excellent work throughout North Wales, not just from its centre on the edge of Llandudno, but also by going around schools across the area to educate and enlighten the children. The conversation messages they carry are invaluable in informing the next generation about the importance of our environment and the role of key species such as birds of prey and owls.

In addition to this, the Trust is at the forefront of owl conservation in several Caribbean countries where it works in conjunction with world experts and local people to help protect some of the rarest species in the world. Without the Trust’s input, there is little doubt that some of the most endangered owls on the planet would be threatened with extinction. Long may its excellent work continue…”

What We Do

The NWBT rescued injured owls with the sole purpose of rehabilitation. At Bodafon Farm you can visit and see some of our owls on display. Everyone who visits has a wonderful time with our owls.

We also take our owls on visits to schools, local old folks homes, shopping centres and so on. If you would like to discuss a visit, contact us using our contact page on this website.

How We Use Your Money

Every penny you contribute through donations or adoptions is spent on the owls. All of our staff are volunteers and receive no money in return for their time or expenses.

As we are fully reliant on donations and adoptions, if our support stopped today, we would not be able to rescue any owls.